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WP – 8 MIN – Workout Pedersen

WP – 8 MIN


  • WP – 8 min workout
  • PDF with images
  • You train every day, 8 min, for 4 weeks.
  • You can join a group on facebook, where you motivate, support and back each other (Link to the group is in the intro for program (PDF)).
  • The program is for the whole body, where you get hold of all your muscles.

The program is to train at home in the living room, training place – or wherever you want. You train for 4 weeks, where you train different workouts each week
Week 1: with your own body weight
Week 2: with a towel
Week 3: with a pillow
Week 4 a sofa, bed or stool.

The program is based on the fact that you put all your energy in the 8 min, every day, in each training session. The program can be trained after the 4 weeks. If you are in doubt, contact Workout Pedersen for guidance. An effective program that gives sweat to the forehead. Several have made some tough strong changes. Look at Instagram and facebook.

Do not exercise during pregnancy, only be trained 3-4 months after pregnancy.

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